Brand Style Guide

The RWI brand/logo is an important part of our reputation for quality service; a reputation that we intend to extend to a wider community of qualified customers. Whether you work in RWI operations, customer service, sales, or corporate governance, our logo will often be a "first handshake" with new or prospective customers. Its consistent use conveys our consistent dedication to excellence. We ask that you respect this and always conform to the proper logo usage.

Before you apply the RWI logo to any promotional material, please consult our Corporate Identity Guidelines Book. These guidelines should be shared with any and all of RWI vendors that are involved with the production of our corporate identity and promotional material. This includes printers, sign-makers, uniform suppliers and manufacturers of custom give-aways, to name a few.

To download a logo file, a link is provided on page 7 of the Corporate Identity Guidelines Book.

If you have questions, please contact RWI's marketing agency of record:

Brian Everett, ABC
MindShare Strategies, Inc.
952-442-5638 x201

RWI Corporate Identity Guidelines Book