LTL Services

Economical, hassle-free less-than-truckload service is now yours for all your dry freight needs. RWI offers convenient, reliable nationwide LTL service.

  • Competitive rates for all lanes and dry-van shipments

  • Guaranteed pickup and delivery service for all areas

  • Track and trace your LTL shipments online with shipment status reporting as you need

  • Excellent customer service personnel manage your shipment throughout the process.

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Notice of Service


RWI, acting as a property broker, will arrange for the transportation of LTL shipments.

  • All rates quoted by RWI shall be based upon the proper classification and description of the commodities shipped and shall be subject to the accessorial charges published by the retained LTL service provider.
  • All shipments shall be released at the value listed within tariff agreement for specific LTL service provider.
  • All claims will be filed by the customer with the retained service provider which shall adjust all claims in accordance with federal statutes.

Customer will pay RWI's invoices within 30 days of receipt without offset.




RWI Truck and LTL Services

Whether you are looking for regional or coast-to-coast service, our LTL experts can help determine the best route at the best price to meet your specific needs.